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Collection: Glassware Collection

Discover an exquisite collection of hand blown glassware from Voyage Maison. A glass vase, bowl or glassware jug can make a real statement in your home, and our luxury collection does just that. Make the gift of a gorgeous flower vase or a decorative candle to someone special, or treat yourself to one of these fabulous ornamental pieces at fantastic outlet prices.

25 products
  • Sapphire Thalassa Bowl

    Regular price£61.60£24.00
  • Tiber Steel Vase - 59x15.5cm

    Regular price£93.50£42.08
  • Elbe Aqua Vase - 30x23cm

    Regular price£88.30£39.74
  • Balin Aqua Vase

    Regular price£50.60£20.00
  • Thornin Aqua Vase

    Regular price£63.80£25.00
  • Medium Thalassa Sapphire Vase

    Regular price£82.50£33.00
  • Neva Steel Vase - 42x18.5cm

    Regular price£83.35£33.00
  • Rhiain Agate Medium Hand Blown Glass Vase

    Regular price£61.60£24.00
  • Rhiain Vessel Agate Hand Blown Glass Vase

    Regular price£65.10£26.00
  • Oslovor Indigo Vase

    Regular price£63.80£25.00
  • Dwalin Cobalt Vase

    Regular price£52.80£23.76
  • Alaborg Cobalt Vase

    Regular price£63.80£28.71
  • Sapphire Small Thalassa Vase

    Regular price£68.20£27.00
  • Lucius Citrine Tall Hand Blown Glass Vase

    Regular price£64.35£25.00
  • Marcellus Citrine Medium Vase

    Regular price£66.00£29.70
  • Tagus Olive Vase - 22x19cm

    Regular price£57.20£22.00
  • Dusk Tall Vase Pink/Black - 38x12.5cm

    Regular price£54.75£21.00
  • Dusk Medium Vase Pink/Black

    Regular price£45.40£18.00
  • Kili Indigo Vase

    Regular price£52.80£21.00
  • Odensa Blush Vase

    Regular price£69.30£31.19
  • Tagus Rose Quartz Vase - 22x19cm

    Regular price£57.20£22.00
  • Chandre Amethyst Scented Candle

    Regular price£42.90£17.00
  • Reykeva Blush Vase

    Regular price£63.80£28.71
  • Lucius Amethyst Medium Hand Blown Glass Vase

    Regular price£61.90£24.00
  • Marcellus Amethyst Medium Vase

    Regular price£66.00£29.70