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Inspired by the noble Scottish thistle, Cirsium Damson is one of our best selling prints. The watercolour artwork depicts thistles in an organic and flowing composition. Every colour bleed and watermark is captured perfectly on the fabric. Discover a classic Voyage Country look, with a dose of romanticism of the Scottish Highlands.

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  • Agri Teal Table Lamp with Cirsium Duck Egg Shade - 30cm

    Regular price£157.00£78.50
  • Aratus Table Lamp with Cirsium Damson Shade - 40cm

    Regular price£113.00£56.50
  • Athena Emerald 5 Wick Scented Candle

    Regular price£89.00£44.50
  • Athena Emerald Scented Candle

    Regular price£39.00£14.00
  • Betty 2 Seater Sofa in Cirsium Damson

    Regular price£1,150.00£690.00
  • Betty Chair in Cirsium Damson

    Regular price£926.00£560.00
  • Bronn Bed with our Cirsium Damson Headboard (dark)

    Regular price£1,499.00£975.00
  • Bronn Bed with our Cirsium Damson Headboard (light)

    Regular price£1,499.00£975.00
  • Byron Bed with our Cirsium Damson Headboard

    Regular price£1,099.00£824.00 - £907.50
  • Camilla Chair in Cirsium Damson

    Regular price£1,150.00£599.00
  • Camilla Chair in Tavistock Heather

    Regular price£1,150.00£599.00
  • Camilla Chair in Tavistock Skylark

    Regular price£1,150.00£599.00
  • Cirsium Damson - Wallpaper

    Regular price £38.50
  • Cirsium Damson 120x180 Medium Watercolour Rug

    Regular price£172.00£68.80
  • Cirsium Damson 138x49 Rupert Bench

    Regular price£475.00£285.00
  • Cirsium Damson 170x220 Large Watercolour Rug

    Regular price£304.00£121.60
  • Cirsium Damson 47x47cm Nut Framed Print

    Regular price£100.00£60.00
  • Cirsium Damson 70x52cm Birch Framed Print

    Regular price£140.00£73.00
  • Cirsium Damson A5 Notebook

    Regular price£22.00£9.50
  • Cirsium Damson A6 Mini Organiser

    Regular price£22.00£14.00
  • Cirsium Damson Eva Lampshade - 30cm

    Regular price£80.00£32.00
  • Cirsium Damson Eva Lampshade - 37cm

    Regular price£82.50£33.00
  • Cirsium Damson Eva Lampshade - 40cm

    Regular price£91.00£36.40
  • Cirsium Damson Eva Lampshade - 46cm

    Regular price£98.00£39.20
  • Cirsium Damson Extra Long Curtains

    Regular price£364.00£219.00
  • Cirsium Damson Florence Oak Chair

    Regular price£1,300.00£650.00
  • Cirsium Damson Florence Stone Chair

    Regular price£1,300.00£549.00
  • Cirsium Damson Keble Bench

    Regular price£750.00£490.00
  • Cirsium Damson Keble Ottoman

    Regular price£475.00£310.00
  • Cirsium Damson Medium Floor Cushion - 34x75cm

    Regular price£212.00£139.00
  • Cirsium Damson Mya Footstool

    Regular price£249.00£135.00
  • Cirsium Damson Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£32.00£19.00

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