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Collection: Purple Edit

Including a variety of Soft Furnishings, Lighting, Home Accessories and Furniture; our Purple Edit showcases a stunning range of home furnishings in deep purple and gentle lavender and lilac hues. Whether you're looking for something simple to compliment your interior, or you have your eye on a bold watercolour print, we have a variety of purple home accessories and furniture to suit your style. Shop by colour today and explore a beautiful selection of homeware exclusive to Voyage Outlet.
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  • Nightingale Ironstone Cushion - 60x40cm

    Regular price£71.50£42.00
  • Katsura Violet Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£61.60£36.00
  • Torrington Grape Velvet Throw - 136x200cm

    Regular price£228.80£137.00
  • Marcellus Amethyst Medium Vase

    Regular price£66.00£39.00
  • Cube Plum Velvet Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£399.00£220.00
  • Newton Wisteria Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Edo Violet Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Saiyuri Ironstone Curtains - 170x300cm

    Regular price£317.90£128.00
  • Koi Carp Ironstone Floor Cushion - D75cm

    Regular price£148.50£60.00
  • Jedburgh Lilac Herringbone Lined Throw - 136x200cm

    Regular price£114.40£92.00
  • Kochi Violet Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£67.40£40.00
  • Saroma Ironstone Cushion - 60x40cm

    Regular price£71.50£29.00
  • Jedburgh Lilac Woven Herringbone Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£66.55£27.00
  • Papavera Scented Doorstop - Veronica

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Otsu Violet Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£54.75£22.00
  • Farley Damson Woven Chenille Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£499.00£250.00
  • Azima Indigo Abstract Curtains - 170x300cm

    Regular price£317.90£127.00
  • Lapis Velvet Cushion in Berry - 50x50cm

    Regular price£66.55£39.00
  • Kailzie Sorbet Jacquard Woven Chenille Draught Excluder - 90x20cm

    Regular price£26.40£15.00
  • Tagus Rose Quartz Vase - 22x19cm

    Regular price£57.20£34.00
  • Azima Indigo Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Kiso Fuschia Flat Draught Excluder - 90x20cm

    Regular price£26.40£11.00
  • Kiso Fuschia Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£10.00
  • Cube Amethyst Velvet Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£399.00£220.00
  • Azima Indigo Velvet 136x200cm Throw

    Regular price£228.80£137.00
  • Hennock Berry Woven Tapestry Draught Excluder - 90x20cm

    Regular price£26.40£13.50
  • Chandre Amethyst Scented Candle

    Regular price£42.90£17.00
  • Cube Mauve Velvet Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£399.00£220.00
  • Urquhart Thistle Cushion - 40x50cm

    Regular price£69.30£41.00
  • Varallo Plum Chenille Velvet Cushion 55x55cm

    Regular price£55.00£24.75
  • Sea Thistle Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£16.00
  • Thistle Glen Spring 136x200cm Throw

    Regular price£228.80£137.00

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