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Collection: Orange Soft Furnishings

Explore a delightful range of orange soft furnishings and create a décor scheme that works all year round. Warm and vibrant, orange soft furnishings can add a contemporary flair, vibrancy and sophistication, or a cosy atmosphere to a country-style interior. Choose from a wide selection of orange curtains, cushions and other home furnishings and invite the feeling of warmth into your interior today.
29 products
  • Molise Spice Oxford Cushion 50x50cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Koi Carp Peridot Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£67.40£27.00
  • Selkirk Sunset Woven Jacquard Draught Excluder - 90x10x10cm

    Regular price£26.40£11.00
  • Newton Pomegranate Woven Draught Excluder - 90x20cm

    Regular price£26.40£15.00
  • Kochi Mulberry Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£67.40£40.00
  • Jedburgh Coral Woven Herringbone Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£66.55£27.00
  • Edo Mulberry Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Meridian Clemintine Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£10.00
  • Papavera Sweetpea Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Emilio Paprika Woven Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£399.00£220.00
  • Highland Cattle Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Hedgerow Dusk Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£71.50£42.00
  • Koi Carp Peridot Floor Cushion - D75cm

    Regular price£148.50£60.00
  • Kailzie Cinnamon Jacquard Woven Chenille Draught Excluder - 90x20cm

    Regular price£26.40£15.00
  • Lapis Velvet Cushion in Spice - 50x50cm

    Regular price£66.55£39.00
  • Cube Spice Velvet Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£399.00£220.00
  • Crustaceans Cobalt Cushion - 40x70cm

    Regular price£65.00£39.00
  • Jedburgh Coral Herringbone Lined Throw - 136x200cm

    Regular price£114.40£92.00
  • Newton Pomegranate Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Molten Copper Embroidery Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£82.50£33.00
  • Dougal Granite Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£18.00
  • Rego Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£71.50£29.00
  • Molten Gold Embroidery Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£82.50£33.00
  • Highland Cattle Cushion - 35x60cm

    Regular price£58.30£34.00
  • Hermione Linen Spice Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£26.15£16.00
  • Loreto Rust Velvet Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£69.00£41.00
  • Farley Rust Woven Chenille Curtains - 228x228cm

    Regular price£499.00£250.00
  • Lapis Velvet Cushion in Rust - 50x50cm

    Regular price£66.55£39.00
  • Enso Mulberry Curtains - 170x300cm

    Regular price£317.90£127.00