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Collection: For The Gardener

We're here to lend a helping hand this Mother's Day with our gift guides. Here we have curated a selection of our bestselling floral designs, perfect for a mum with green fingers.

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  • Solensis Table Lamp with Hedgerow Shade - 40cm

    Regular price£143.75£107.80
  • Hedgerow Medium Floor Cushion - 34x75cm

    Regular price£135.00£81.00
  • Eris Slate Table Lamp with Hedgerow Shade - 37cm

    Regular price£125.00£93.75
  • Hedgerow Scented Doorstop

    Regular price£23.75£18.00
  • Hydrangea 136x200cm Throw

    Regular price£208.00£125.00
  • Aratus Table Lamp with Hedgerow Shade - 40cm

    Regular price£104.25£78.18
  • Hedgerow White Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£63.00£37.80
  • Hedgerow - Linen Arthouse Cushion - 30x30cm

    Regular price£32.00£19.20