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Collection: Floral Cushions

Discover our delightful range of designer floral cushions. From blooming colourful compositions to delicate botanical arrangements our floral cushion collection is perfect for those looking to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Our fabulous collection features an array of classic Voyage designs that suit a variety of home interiors. Brighten up your space with pink or green floral cushions or make a statement with velvet floral cushions. Explore the collection today and find the perfect floral cushion to freshen up your space.
26 products
  • Woodland Adventure Oat Kid's Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£49.25£20.00
  • Patrice Loganberry Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Expressive Thistle Arthouse Cushion - 30x30cm

    Regular price£25.75£15.00
  • Hydrangea Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Papavera Sweetpea Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Patrice Cinnamon Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Papavera Mauve Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£26.00
  • Hedgerow Classic Cushion - 65x45cm

    Regular price£72.00£43.00
  • Papavera Veronica Cushion 60x40cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Cirsium Damson - Linen Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£64.90£38.00
  • Langdale Orchid Arthouse Cushion - 35x25cm

    Regular price£25.75£15.00
  • Hedgerow Dusk Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£71.50£42.00
  • Fortazela Onyx Arthouse Cushion - 30x30cm

    Regular price£25.75£15.00
  • Fortazela Onyx Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£84.70£50.00
  • Adhira Slate Velvet Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£87.45£35.00
  • Cirin Indigo Linen Cushion - 45x65cm

    Regular price£82.50£49.00
  • Adhira Blush Velvet Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£87.45£52.00
  • Cirin Mulberry Linen Cushion - 45x65cm

    Regular price£82.50£49.00
  • Fortazela Gold Velvet Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£84.70£50.00
  • Cirin Emerald Linen Cushion - 45x65cm

    Regular price£82.50£49.00
  • Katsura Mulberry Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£61.60£36.00
  • Hedgerow Autumn Cushion - 55x55cm

    Regular price£67.40£27.00
  • Saroma Peridot Cushion - 60x40cm

    Regular price£71.50£29.00
  • Mr Snipe Linen Cushion - 50x50cm

    Regular price£49.80£20.00
  • Frieda Fox Linen Cushion - 50x40cm

    Regular price£45.40£19.00
  • Katsura Violet Cushion - 40x60cm

    Regular price£61.60£36.00