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Style Guide: Picking the Perfect Curtains

Curtains can be a simple decor piece, usually chosen for convenience, but we think that they should show your style. 
Picking the perfect curtains can change the look of a room, as well as changing the feel (our curtains keep you cool in summer, and retain the heat in winter!). 
A bold and colourful pattern will brighten up a room, ideal if you have lighter walls. Our Azima curtains come in different colours and are great for creating a vibrant look. If you are looking for a floral style, our Langdale is fitting, with a duck egg base.

Azima Grenadine Extra Long Curtains £132

If your home is full of colour and prints, pick a curtain that has a cream or white base and quieter pattern. Our Hedgerow creates a subtle look, or try our Nara for a soft touch of colour without being overwhelming.

Hedgerow Extra Long 3m Linen Curtains

Hedgerow Extra Long Curtains £132

Add some finishing touches to complete the look, framed prints that have some matching colours will sit perfectly next to your curtains.


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