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Style Guide: Mood Boards

We love a mood board. But what use are they? 
Mood boards are perfect if you are redecorating a whole room, or if you are just changing up some soft furnishings. 
Start out by putting in the colours you love, or that already exist in the room. We are creating a room with dark walls. Add in other colours we are loving at the moment and we have ourselves our colour pallet to work with. 

Room Set Up Midnight Reflections

We've use these colours to pick out some products that will match with the room. 

Cushion Design

Perdita Topaz 40 x 50 cm Cushion

Ebba Coral 50 x 50 cm Velvet Cushion

Graystroke Fig Throw

Graystroke Fig 136 x 200 cm Velvet Lined Throw

Next time you are redecorating, try a mood board!

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