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The story behind Voyage Maison Outlet

The Voyage Maison Outlet: Quality, Legacy and Charmingly Affordable

If you’ve ever been to an outlet store, the term ‘hit or miss’ might spring to mind. Whilst you might fortuitously stumble across a Burberry bag for 30% of the RRP, you’re just as likely to unwittingly leave with a pair of last season’s ‘Birkin Sticks’ or ‘Nikis’... only to later find they fall to pieces after two short dog walks. These shops are decisively grim, a sort of last chance saloon for the awkward, unloved, and left-over.

It would, however, be a total travesty if, upon hearing about the Voyage Maison Outlet, you assumed the same connotations. Our Outlet is a wonderful legacy collection of some of our finest work - recoloured, restyled and reimagined specifically for our Outlet customer.


 Voyage Outlet

Heritage at the Heart

The Outlet hosts some of our most beloved and classic voyage designs; and, unlike Andrea Bocelli, we don’t think ‘it’s time to say goodbye’. We want to celebrate and hold on to our heritage designs; we want you to stay connected to the styles that have adorned your homes for over twenty years. These designs might occasionally enjoy a re-colouring or a re-styling, but their heritage is at the heart of our re-imagining.


As well as rediscovering old favourites with new leases of life, you will also find exclusively curated collections, only available on the Voyage Outlet; our team is constantly mining the deep Voyage reservoir for precious gems to present to you.

 recoloured and restyled classic Voyage designs

The Test of Time

The art of selecting garments or products with a timeless air to them is quite a skill. We’re all well aware of the unrelenting pace of trends and style seasons, one month you need this, the next month, you need that. But imagine a shop where you could purchase pieces that have stood the test of time, undeterred by fads and fast consumerism. Well, you needn’t imagine - because our Voyage Outlet is just that shop, a source of trusted and timeless interior trends that will continue to make your home cosy and beautiful for many years to come.


Family Resemblance

The quality of our products is something we have always prided ourselves on; whether it’s a duck-feather filled cushion or fabrics made from natural fibres - quality is well and truly part of the Voyage Maison DNA. Imagine having a friend’s child for supper - how quickly  the child says thank you for the sausages and mash (or celeriac steak and quinoa salad) and offers to wash up tells you a lot about the quality of the parenting. Two people, bound by DNA and quality family attributes. In much the same way, our Outlet store is part of the Voyage family, and imbued in it are the same core values and attributes, and we’re proud of every item on offer within the store.

 Shop Voyage Outlet

For Everyone

So - you might be wondering, why a separate site? Well, we’re passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to make their home beautiful; and we’re passionate about creating high-quality interiors for all stages of one’s interior journey. As such, we work hard to ensure our Outlet offering is affordable and accessible. Whether it’s 50% off our whimsical and charming Highland Escape collection or 70% off excellent quality curtains, we are constantly seeking to provide an offering that doesn’t break the bank but offers you an authentic piece of Voyage.


Quality, Legacy and Charmingly Affordable.

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