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Furniture For Every Style

No two homes are the same. Whilst two houses may look similar on the outside, the second you cross the threshold, you enter a unique environment. Every person’s unique sense of taste and budget leaves a distinct mark on the interiors. Most people, however, tend to fall into a decorating style. We’re very proud that our outlet stocks furniture which suits a range of tastes. Today we’re highlighting some attractive pieces of furniture, with even more attractive price labels.


Country Styling

Quintessential to country styling are wood, subtle colour, and eclecticism. Nothing should look too deliberate, rather that your interiors have evolved organically over time. The art is in ones ability to mix the old with the new, vintage or antique pieces with newer items made for comfort.

Our Pick: The Nancy Chair

Nancy Chair in Tivoli Silver with Jute Back

Available at an incredible discount, our gorgeous Nancy Chair would be a fabulous addition to your country home. The exposed beech frame and jute back bring a sense of nature to this elegant chair.


Traditional Styling

Styling in a traditional manner relies heavily on using and renewing historic and classic design. Symmetry, curving lines, and clean finishes are all fundamental to achieving the look. Don’t be shy about buying multiple pieces which match or pair well. Avoid bold prints, but lean into neutral or plain coloured pieces.

Our Pick: Cornelius Chair in Tivoli Glacier

Cornelius Chair in Tivoli Glacier

Whilst it may look expensive in quality and style, this elegant and stylish chair is currently over 40% off. We can not help but think how charming it would be to place two of these on either side of a large fireplace.


Modern Styling

A contemporary style tends to veer from curvature and looks to straight lines with a pared back aesthetic. Exposed or deconstructed fixtures and fittings are also in keeping, with little attempt made to hide technology (cables, sockets, media suites etc.). There should be no sense that the space has developed organically; rather everything has a place and has been thoughtfully selected.

Our Pick: Tivoli Silver Elba Bar Stool

 Elba Bar Stool in Tivoli Silver

One thing we’re very proud of at Voyage is how we can take modern design and make it our own. In recent years, modern kitchens have frequently had islands or kitchen bars installed, reflecting our busy and less formal lives. These fabulous Voyage bar stools demonstrate that practical and pretty can go hand in hand.


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