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Find Your Perfect Fabric: Fabric Guide Part 1

We are not all overly confident when it comes to picking out fabrics. Not only do we have the pressure of picking the right design but we also have to be savvy when it comes to the right type of cloth. Selecting the wrong fabric can be an expensive mistake and one we want to help you avoid. To ensure you get exactly what you need for your home, we have created this handy fabric guide for some of our favourite Outlet fabrics.


1. Cotton Fabric

The fibres used in cotton come from the cotton plant, making it a great choice to avoid a synthetic feel. Remarkably soft, cotton has breathable qualities and often feels lightweight. Ideal for couture and clothing, cotton is frequently used for bedding and blankets.

At the exceptional price of £14 p/m, you need to check out our Dunrobin Olive Printed Cotton. Its gorgeously green natural motifs perfectly partner the fabrics composition.


Dunrobin Olive Cotton Fabric

2. Chenille Fabric

Often described as fuzzy, chenille is a soft fabric which can be made from various fibres, including cotton, wool and silk. Easily draped, chenille is durable and ideal for interior projects you want to get a lot of life from. The fabric lends itself really well to soft furnishings, curtains and furniture.

We love our Malleny Country Chenille which comes in over 39 gorgeous colours.


3. Jacquard 

Woven on a loom (funnily enough, woven on a Jacquard loom), Jacquard is a heavyweight and durable fabric. Patterns are woven directly into the fabric, creating complex textures and adds a level of sophistication. Jacquard is best suited to furniture coverings, curtains and drapes.

Our Lucius Natural Chenille Jacquard fabric’s geometric pattern packs a punch and is bound to elevate any interior project you are working on.

Lucius Natural Chenille Jacquard - Fabric


4. Linen Fabric

Made using fibres from the flax plant, linen is another brilliant natural fabric with many similarities to cotton. If you’ve ever wondered why linen makes the perfect summer suit, it’s because linen dries more quickly than cotton - reducing the possibility of a perspiration faux-pas. Asides from summer clothing, linen is also great for bedding, kitchen accoutrements (napkins, tea-towels, aprons), cushions and light curtains.

Decorated with an elegant floral pattern in purple hues, our Topia Tourmaline’s neutral tones would slide in nicely to a host of interior schemas.

 Topia Tourmaline Linen Fabric

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