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Four Reasons to Shop Voyage Wallpaper

When choosing between paint or wallpaper for one’s interior, many of us will settle for a couple of tins of paint. Why? Because we’ve got used to wallpaper being on the pricey end of the scale. Your wallet might let out a loud sigh if you are looking for quality, tasteful and inspiring wallpaper.

If you have to ask yourself…

Wallpaper the sitting room or a much-needed weekend getaway?

Wallpaper the bedroom or renew the gym membership?

… you’re looking for wallpaper in the wrong place!

Here at Voyage Outlet, we don’t want you to have to choose. We want you to decorate your home with quality products whilst not missing out on any other of life’s special pleasures.

With a special 20% discount offer on all of our wallpapers, our fantastic offering is well worth exploring. Here are four reasons we think our wallpapers are exceptional value.


Wide Width Wallpaper
  1. Wide Width Wallpaper

The very nature of our wallpaper makes it cost-effective. It’s wide width, meaning fewer joins and fewer cuts, which means less waste. Wide width also means fewer strips to hang, and if time is money (and sanity!), this has to be a good thing.

Easy Hang Wallpaper

  1. What decorator?

Our wallpaper has been designed with you in mind - and we’re not just thinking of your sense of style. We truly believe that most of our customers can hang our wallpapers themselves. That means no added cost of hiring a decorator. To prove our point, we asked Sarah (one of our Voyage designer's) to give it a go, and we think you’ll agree, she makes it look easy…

Watch The Wallpaper Hanging Guide Here


  1. Spoiled For Choice

Just because our Outlet wallpapers are cost-effective doesn’t mean they’re choice-insufficient! With hundreds of designs to choose from and a myriad of styles, we’re confident most tastes will be more than satisfied!

Luxury Wide Width Wallpaper

  1. Heavy-Weight Champion

Whether you’re shopping on Voyage Shop or Voyage Outlet, the quality of our products will always remain exceptional. Our Shop and Outlet wallpapers are digitally printed on non-woven paper with a matte finish, creating a luxe and sophisticated feel.

For a limited time only, you can save 20% off our range of designer wallpaper, while stocks last. Use code ENJOY20 at checkout. Excludes Wallpaper Clearance stock and Samples.